Meetings & News
Agreement between VTS and Veo-World
VTS, in its Training Center, has signed a major agreement with VEO-World, a leading company in its field, operating worldwide,
.... Read all
Celab S.r.l. Laboratory
Celab established in Latina (Italy), has a fully equipped laboratory of approx. 1800 m² providing electromagnetic compatibility tests according to the regulatio.... Read all
CMC S.r.l. Laboratory
CMC S.r.l. of Vicenza, is an independent measurements laboratory, accredited by ACCREDIA in accordance with ISO/ IEC 17025. With this certification and the high.... Read all
KIA - Conformity of Production
KIA bifuel vehicles production sites in Cherasco and Livorno, have successfully passed the inspection for the control of conformity of production, carried out b.... Read all
Accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17020:2004
On the 16 th November 2012, V.T.S. achieved, through NAB-MALTA (National Accreditation Board of Malta), accreditation according to the EN ISO/IEC 17020:2004 sta.... Read all
V.T.S. Vehicle Technical Service Ltd. brochure....Read all

About Us
Company Profile
Company Profile
V.T.S. is a young and dynamic Maltese Company which prides itself of decades of experience thanks to several key personnel working within the company and w.... Read all

The laboratory is able to perform tests according to the international standards (ISO, UNECE), European Community (EC) or according to the customer's needs..... Read all

V.T.S. wants to be a reference point for public administrations, organizations, companies, public and private institutions, associations, commercial.... Read all

Technical Service
Technical Service
V.T.S. is a highly qualified technical service meeting the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 that carries out the type approval tests in virtue of a specific ass.... Read all

EN 1646 Label
V.T.S. Certification
March 2012 - V.T.S. certification adds value to your product. The importance of receiving a certification issued by a laboratory accredited in ISO/IEC 17025..... Read all

EN 1645 and EN 1646
Certification for Caravans and Motor Caravans
October 2011 - Certification of products according to standards: EN 1646-1:2004+A1 (motor caravans), EN 1645-1:2004+A1 (caravans)..... Read all

EN 1789
European Standard EN 1789:2007
October 2010 - Being in compliance with standard EN 1789:2007 is regarded as a very important milestone for ambulance manufacturers..... Read all